Who is Gottman?

Drs. John and Julie Gottman

  • World-renowned for their work on marital stability.
  • In 2007‚ John Gottman named one of top 10 most influential psychologists of past 25 years by Psychotherapy Networker.
  • Julie Gottman voted the 2002 Distinguished Psychologist of the Year by the Washington State Psychological Association.
  • Founders of the Gottman Institute‚ the Relationship Institute‚ Gottman Method Couples Therapy‚ and the Art & Science of Love.

Gottman Institute

  • Breakthrough research-based approach to creating stronger relationships.
  • Therapy methods based on 40+ years of clinical research‚ rather than clinical‚ personal‚ or anecdotal experiences.
  • Researchers have studied 3‚000+ couples‚ some for more than 20 years.
  • Researchers can predict with 90% accuracy if a couple will divorce.
  • Developed the weekend workshop Art & Science of Love to help couples build stronger‚ happier relationships.

The therapy methods, tools, and services of husband-wife team of Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Julie Gottman are uniquely based on rigorous scientific methods and standards. Dr. John Gottman’s research work with couples began in 1972 and continues today. His most well-known study was in the 1980s, when he identified the predictors of divorce.

Through subsequent studies, Dr. John Gottman added variables and examined new couple populations. His research is widely cited in academic and professional journals and consumer-focused books and articles.

Dr. John Gottman’s and his colleagues approach in the therapy field was unique because he studied real couples. Through decades of observation, the Gottman lab researchers gleaned which couple behaviors actually predict divorce and which ones strengthen relationships. Subsequently, Certified Gottman Therapists offer relationship counseling based on proven theories, rather than their own experiences, ideas and interpretations on how relationships should work.

Gottman’s research is well-known as being able to predict with a 90% accuracy which couples will divorce and which will stay married; and among those who do stay married, which couples will be happy and which will be unhappy.

Gottman Institute researchers examined patterns in relationships, then developed programs that really work to help couples restore and repair their relationships.

Some of these programs include the couples weekend workshop, “The Art & Science of Love,” and its related tools such as “The Sound Relationship House Theory” and the “Masters and Disasters” of relationships.

Dr. John Gottman has 190 professional journal article publications to his credit. He has also written 40 books on relationship improvement. Dr. Julie Gottman, a clinical psychologist, has written books for clinicians and families as well.

• Master’s level education or above
• Clinical experience
• 2-day workshop by Dr. John Gottman
• 4-day Advanced Training Program, led by Drs. John and Julie Gottman,
• 3-day Certification Study Program
• Completion of at least 8 individual or 12 group sessions of consultation with by a Senior Certified Gottman Therapist
• Submit session recordings for review by Senior Certified Gottman Therapists

Gottman-Certified Couples Workshop


  • February 17-18, Denver (SOLD OUT)

  • June 9-10, Denver (EARLY-BIRD EXTENDED)

  • September 15-16, Colorado Springs

Two full days of real-world information and proven exercises to reinforce and restore your love, learn conflict-management skills, and discover and improve your intimacy.

“a priceless, wonderful success” -- workshop attendee

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