Why Principle Skills?


  • Caralee’s certifications as a couples therapist and sexual addiction therapist plus her 20+ years of experience means she is exceptionally qualified to guide clients through the healing and recovery process.


  • Helping individuals and couples recognize and develop emotional relational and sexual intimacy by replacing destructive behaviors and avoidance of intimacies with healthy and meaningful interactions.

Whether you seek individual, couples or family counseling; or a couples weekend workshop, Principle Skills Relationship Center is able to meet your needs. Principle Skills' mission is to elevate relationships to a happier, healthier place by giving couples proven, data-supported tools and concepts.

“I help people recognize and develop intimacy – emotional, relational and sexual,” says Caralee Frederic, owner of Principle Skills Relationship Center. “My clients learn to replace destructive behaviors and the avoidance of intimacies with healthy behaviors and meaningful interactions.”

Using methods and concepts based on decades of research, Caralee built a private practice based on what she calls "Healthy Intimacy through Intimate Solutions".

Some people enter seek Principle Skills Relationship Center wanting quick relief from immediate pain and distress. Others come seeking a deeper understanding for why they do what they do, wanting to make changes from there. Many come with a desire to experience both. Real, lasting change comes through blending a deeper understanding of true or eternal principles with learning to implement effective behaviors or skills.

The methods and concepts used by Principle Skills Relationship Center are founded on decades of research by the highly reputable Gottman Institute.

Caralee’s training has also armed her to meet the growing area of addiction recovery therapy.

“The need for specialized methods to treat addictive patterns is increasing in our culture,” she says. "Many couples have underlying addictive patterns, often unrecognized by one or both in the couple. Such behaviors become a barrier to true intimacy.

In addition to receiving her Master’s degree in Social Work and earning her Gottman Institute Certification, Caralee is credentialed and certified as a Sexual Addiction Recovery Therapist (SART) through the American Association of Sex Addiction Recovery Therapists.

Gottman-Certified Couples Workshop


  • February 17-18, Denver (SOLD OUT)

  • June 9-10, Denver (EARLY-BIRD EXTENDED)

  • September 15-16, Colorado Springs

Two full days of real-world information and proven exercises to reinforce and restore your love, learn conflict-management skills, and discover and improve your intimacy.

“a priceless, wonderful success” -- workshop attendee

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