OUTCOMES Beauty vs. Beast

Here are the possible outcomes for our “Are you a Beauty or a Beast in Your Relationship? quiz:

YOU ARE A “STUNNING BEAUTY”: You are in a stunningly beautiful relationship and headed for continued fulfillment. Keep up the good work! Remember to consistently and regularly assess your relationship because it will change over time as your family dynamics, career, health and living situation evolves. Pay careful attention to “drift.” Even the happiest couples can slowly move away from each other mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Daily interactions matter, and an annual getaway can spice up the romance.

YOU ARE “OH-SO-LOVELY”: You are in a lovely relationship. Continue to make time for each other, and give each other your attention. Regularly discover, and re-discover, your own and your partner’s dreams and aspirations; attain them together. Learn relationship skills to properly manage conflict and work to overcome any gridlocked issues. Elevate your love to an even happier place.

YOU ARE “COMMONLY FAIR”: Like a majority of couples, your relationship has its moments of greatness … and room for improvement. Hone your conflict-management skills to iron out the wrinkles. Each day, find ways to share intimate moments and strengthen your friendship. Date nights and a romantic getaway will do wonders for your relationship. You possess the potential for a more consistently beautiful love. You both deserve it!

YOU ARE “GRISLY, BUT CUTE”: You know you have a special relationship, but realize you are capable of feeling so much more for your partner. Your relationship is beautiful at times, but you find you’re both stuck in the same conflicts. These gridlocks are likely affecting your intimacy. Learning practical conflict-management skills and understanding your own underlying issues would help you shed the Beast that sometimes rears its ugly head. It’s time to take your friendship and intimacy to the next level.

YOU ARE A “WOUNDED BEAST”: Most likely, underlying issues are having a negative impact on your relationship with your partner. Like the Beast in the fairytale – a cherished, beautiful creature exists within. Professional help from a marriage expert could reveal your inner-self and lifelong dreams, placing your relationship on the path toward greater happiness and well-being. Begin with simple, daily compliments for your partner. Plan a special date night … just the two of you. Don’t lose hope!

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