If I Could Pinpoint One Thing That Breaks Up a Good Relationship
Through my work as a couples therapist and counselor, I’ve talked with hundreds of couples in unhappy relationships and I often hear something like this: We feel more and more out of touch with each o
July 06, 2016
How Do I Know If I Am Or My Spouse Is An Intimacy Anorexic?
The following questions are used to assess whether or not a person is an intimacy anorexic. 1. Would your spouse say that you stay so busy you have little time for him/her? 2. Would your spouse say
May 18, 2016
What is Intimacy Anorexia?
Intimacy anorexia is a paradigm developed by sex therapist and author Dr. Douglas Weiss and is used to describe a behavioral withholding addiction that mostly manifests in marriage. Intimacy anorexia is gender neutral, mea
May 17, 2016
What is it Like to Live With a Sex Addict From a Partner’s Perspective?
Partners living with a sex addicts often describe: • Feelings of intense loneliness, distancing, confusion, deep hurt, and even betrayal. • A sense of being disconnected, reaching and never being able to arrive at
May 17, 2016
How Do I Know If I’m a Sex Addict?
Below are some questions developed by Dr. Doug Weiss to help you determine if you or your partner may be a sex addict: 1. Do you have sexual behaviors you wish you could stop or fear could be discovered by others?
May 16, 2016

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