Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group | Weekly Group Therapy for Women | Aug-Oct, 2022

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  • Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group Registration | Weekly Group Sessions
    This ticket is good for 90-minute groups sessions each Tuesday for 8 weeks.
    August 23, 2022 - October 11, 2022
    12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Group Therapy

Because knowing your self-worth makes all the difference.

Set Boundaries

Establishing limits enables you to move forward.

Joy Is Possible

Learn to find joy and hope in every circumstance.

Be You Again

It’s time to be YOU again, and reach new heights.

Personalized Healing Options

The course curriculum is relevant to women currently in or out of their primary relationship, and who have experienced trauma as a result of their partner's infidelity, pornography use, or sexual acting-out behaviors.

Because personal experience with trauma varies, you may choose to also utilize additional materials in conjunction with the 8-week course to aid you in recovery.

Questions of which of the following optional resources may be appropriate for your personal needs can be addressed during the first week of classes.

Partner Recovery

Married & Alone

Partners Betrayal

Are you looking to work through the betrayal of infidelity? In this 12-step book, you will gain the insight and support you need to understand the steps to overcome betrayal trauma and be the strongest version of yourself. You can work through these steps by yourself or with a sponsor, friend, or partner’s recovery group.

Understand broken trust and its impact, uncover the truth behind betrayal trauma, learn the power you already have to heal after a broken heart and explore the steps you need to take to move forward.

Partner Recovery

Do you feel alone and confused about your cheating spouse’s sexual addiction and the pain it has caused you? This guide was borne out of the latest in Christian self-help books and research on the effects on a partner who has lived with a sexual addict.

Understand broken trust and its impact, uncover the truth behind betrayal trauma, learn the power you already have to heal after a broken heart and explore the steps you need to take to move forward.

Married And Alone

This workbook offers practical suggestions and techniques that bring healing and recovery for all those impacted by this condition. Spouses of intimacy anorexics will find many tried and true exercises that have helped men and women who, like you, have found themselves married and alone.
Do you feel unloved, disconnected, and alone in your marriage? Is your relationship lacking intimacy or completely sexless, like your partner is just a roommate? Gain insight into their own personal journey while healing from the impact of being married to an Intimacy Anorexic.

Which Materials To Purchase?

Contact Kara Facundo, LPCC, for a free 15-minute consultation and she can help you determine the best set of materials for you.

Therapy Group Details


August 23, 2022, Tuesday 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm Sessions every Tuesday for 8 weeks


7710 N. Union Blvd Suite 202 Colorado Springs,

Group Size


Cost per Person

$30 per session

Why Attend a Betrayal Trauma Group Therapy?

Gain Confidence & Hope

Gain skills to cope with changes and increase your self-confidence. A new life awaits you.

Life Purpose & Meaning

Resolve underlying issues, set goals, stay focused and take hold of your life.

Identify Strengths

Explore your potential, identify your strengths and get ready for a beautiful life.

Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate

Your Presenter

Kara Facundo, LPCC


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