Amanda Linan


“Sex is about a physical expression of an emotional connection and is only one important piece of a relationship.”


Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Certified Sex Therapist


I am passionate about what I do because I believe every person deserves that opportunity to not just live, but thrive. Every individual has strengths that they can build upon and bring to the relationships with those around them. I want to help them reach that potential, to motivate them beyond their comfort zone so they can reach new heights.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is the core of what I do. I have worked with kids with trauma, behavioral, and mental health issues. I realized that real change comes from the family dynamic, and ultimately from the parenting. It was then that I pursued education to help me work with couples to see real, lasting change.
The Gottman Method really resonates with me because it is based in research and is about gaining a deep, emotional understanding of yourself and your partner. It also focuses on learning tools and skills that will help in very tangible ways. Relationship work is truly magical in my eyes because it is about helping two, flawed individuals come together to make a totally unique and beautiful relationship. I feel so privileged to guide couples on that journey.

Sex Therapy

Talking about sex in our culture is often difficult because there are many different beliefs, ideas, and experiences. Being trained in sex therapy means that I can understand and respect those different views and still work with couples on developing a healthy, fulfilling sex life. Sex therapy is integral to couples work. Sex is a physical manifestation of emotional connection, but beyond that, it is a core piece of who we are as humans.
Working through issues in therapy can mean a powerful transformation for an individual and a couple.


Parenting is a unique aspect of a couple’s relationship. It adds another layer of connection and love, yet also adds another layer of conflict and complexity. I utilize Emotion Coaching, a research-based method from The Gottman Institute, to help parents understand how to relate to their children in new, positive ways. It is remarkable to see the positive changes parents have experienced.
I love being able to offer something so impactful to the community and my couples.


One of my major strengths is that I have had opportunities to work with a variety of different issues and populations, including relationships, sexual issues, substance use, mental health, and medical conditions and disabilities.

I endeavour to bring all of that experience into the therapy room as needed so my clients can really achieve an overall sense of well-being. My experience combined with my education gives me a unique perspective that really helps clients feel heard and valued for who they are.

I am thrilled to offer couples and sex therapy as well as a parenting workshop several times a year. It is wonderful knowing that I am able to serve families in my hometown that I love.

I was born and raised in Colorado Springs, and I love it here. I have a husband and two children that really rejuvenate me. We like going on adventures, being active, and playing games together with family and friends.

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Amanda provides private parenting support sessions, where she teaches the fundamentals of The Gottman’s Institute’s Emotional Coaching.


University of Denver, Master’s Degree in Social Work
University of Colorado, Bachelor’s Degrees in Psychology and Sociology, Summa Cum Laude

Additional Training