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Strengthening Couples, Families and Communities
Principal Skills Relationship center is one of the few therapy practice in Colorado that specializes in treating Couples with the Gottman method. The Centre integrates the method treating in betrayal, trauma, and sexual Compulsions and addictions.
Individual, Couples and family Counseling
Our specialities include:
Therapist at the center offer couples, individual and family therapy for
  • Trauma
  • Addiction
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Life Transition
  • Emotional/Sexual Betrayals
  • Compulsive/Addictive Sexual Acting out
  • Substance Abuse

Meet Our Office Manager

Christa Wells

Christa Wells Is our Office manager and workshop facilitator . You can reach her at

Main: 1(719) 494 7412 Extension 1

Meet Our Office Receptionist

Kristi Havenar

Kristi Havenar will be point of contact at Principal Skills Relationship center. She responds to inquiries in a timely and confidential manner.
Kristi@principleskills .com

Main: 1 (719) 494 7412 Extension 1

Trusted Counsel

Research on Relationships

Principle Skills has a research-backed approach to therapy. Our therapists utilize treatments based on data, rather than popular trends or their own notions.

However, their years of experience allows them to expertly apply correct principles to your issues and guide you to recovery and healing.

Leading the Way

Principle Skills was the first group to offer The Gottman Institute’s events: The “Art and Science of Love” couples workshops and “The Heart of Parenting,” to families in Colorado and Hawaii.

The Gottman Institute’s founder renowned for being able to identify the predictors of divorce. He has been able to predict with a 90% accuracy which couples will divorce and which will stay happily married.

Gottman Studies
Dr. Gottman’s research work with couples began in 1972. In one of the initial studies, Dr. Gottman placed couples in “Love Lab” apartments, where they were monitored and recorded. Through their interactions and subsequent studies — including some that followed those couples for more than 20 years — came a fountain of knowledge on what behaviors strengthen relationships.
Caralee Frederic has trained under Drs. John and Julie Gottman, and often assists them in presenting the Gottman’s couples workshops at their headquarters in Seattle.