Trauma Counseling

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A Biopsychosocial Approach to Trauma

Our Trauma Counseling considers the biological, psychological and social factors of trauma.

The symptoms of trauma include:
Holistic Treatment
Both the mind and body are affected by a traumatic event, and more so by repeated, ongoing traumas.
Our mission is to understand, assess and treat a trauma survivor’s biopsychosocial pain.

Impact of Trauma on

Trauma can enter a relationship through betrayal, childhood trauma or a horrific event experienced as an adult.
Trauma destabilizes the survivor. The overwhelming pain or fear from the trauma can hinder the person from forming or sustaining intimate relationships.
Intimacy requires trust and vulnerability. However, for a trauma survivor, trust and vulnerability are seen as threats rather than building blocks for connecting.

Gottman Method +
Trauma Counseling

Healing is within reach. Each person deserves to feel safe and loved.
We have integrated our Gottman Method and Trauma Professional specialties to help couples rebuild trust, friendship and intimacy, and explore ways to share and support partners’ life dreams.
“The trauma was unbearable and intolerable. Through the hard work and patience of couples therapy, the hurt and anger gave way to forgiveness and empathy.”

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