The Art and Science
of Love

Couples Workshop Reviews

“Being able to talk about conflict in a constructive manner.”

“Learning how to deal with differences.”

“Spending time nurturing our relationship.”

“Learning about the Sound Relationship House and the building of a friendship first.”

“Coming in, we were trying to decide if we were going to renew our friendship. This program is giving us the tools to do it.”

“Finding good things about each other again.”

“The chance to focus on these issues without distractions of work, kids, etc. Good examples and break out time to talk.”

“The Love Maps were a lot of fun and it was fun to hear and learn new things about my spouse.”

“I have been inspired by this workshop!”

“Learned how to better plan out the life dreams and make it happen now!”

“Working on issues that have been difficult to work through or even discuss.”

“Learning that there is a good process for working through the conflicts and leaning improved techniques for effective communication.”

“Learning about my spouse and how tender and loving he is on a difficult subject.”

“Identifying subjects we need to discuss instead of ignoring.”

“Good exercises, excellent videos and presentation.”

“We would like 3 days instead of 2, to really delve in!”

Great exercises. I definitely appreciate starting to dialogue on a gridlocked issue.

“All of it! I loved the Aftermath of a Fight process and using gentle start up on a gridlocked issue. I learned SO much about myself, my husband and our relationship. I feel like we now have practical, functional and tremendously helpful tools. I’m SO grateful for the experience.”

“SO, SO helpful. We realized at the core of our perpetual problem is the same core need and in processing the fight I physically felt lighter – I got a huge weight lifted off. I’m feeling hopeful about the future. THANK YOU!!!!!”

“Excellent! Loved it! Learned SO much! Tremendously grateful!”

“I feel that I’m coming away with some solid skills to improve my communication with my spouse. It’s all in the presentation!”

“We came to so many realizations. Seeing my husband ‘get it’ is a priceless, wonderful success. I’m ‘getting it’ too – and feel more competent and hopeful.”

“We have pinpointed our communication problem. I feel so relieved and ready for our future. These are amazing tools. If love were enough we would all be perfect.These tools make everything much more do-able, possible.”

“I didn’t even realize my core dream until this class. Without you I would still be lost and disconnected from what is most important to me. Thank you!”

“Caralee is amazing! A wonderful presenter and facilitator.”

“Caralee is very good!”

“Caralee is absolutely fabulous.”

“You are a master. Truly wonderful.”

“Amazing! Wonderful! Very Influential!”

“Thank you for a wonderful presentation.”

“Learning and practicing gentle start up and conflict management skills.”

“Realizing that most of our conflict comes from deeper emotions and wounds more than what we are actually fighting about.”


“Engaging presentation; good control of questions from participants.”

“Interactive teaching style.”

“Caralee was a good presenter, knowledgable, personable.”

“Good, knowledgable presenter, likable – good mix to reach everyone.”

“Caralee is very engaging.”

“Practicing with the tools in breakout sessions was VERY helpful!”

“Feeling Heard! Fresh methods of conflict talk with my wife!”

“Very real and honest!”

“Having some ‘A Ha’ moments around our gridlocked issue.”

“Feeling like my spouse understands me and accepts my influence.”

“You guys are awesome! Thank you.”

“My husband and I learned so much from this weekend! We feel so much closer to each other. I learned that I was doing some major things wrong in our marriage. I cannot wait for the opportunity to use these new skills and correct my own bad habits!”

“Loved the 6 skills.”

“Gave us tools/a system to use to purposefully work through issues.”

“This is really helpful for people who didn’t have great examples in their past.”

“These guys (Caralee and Jack) are amazing! They really hit home with a lot of things we struggle with and presenting in a way that was clear and helpful!”

“We now have the necessary tools we need when we face conflict. We are so grateful to have attended this conference! Thank you a million times over!”

“Loved it! Thank you!”

“(in Successful Couples’) Day-to-day Lives, They Have Hit Upon A Dynamic That Keeps Their Negative Thoughts And Feelings About Each Other (which All Couples Have) From Overwhelming Their Positive Ones. They Have What I Call An Emotionally Intelligent Marriage.” Source: Dr. John Gottman, “the Seven Principle For Making Marriage Work.”

“I learned that verbalizing my thoughts with my wife is more valuable that I expected it to be. I’ve always thought that mentally working through things was enough for me to process things…I was wrong! I need to take more time to talk and let my wife listen because it has more meaning and helps me process!”

“The discussions – we have more to talk about!”

“Well done, well presented, valuable information. Thanks.”

“Caralee has such a calm, positive presence.”

“Learning the importance of accepting influence and knowing to stop if flooding occurs. We were able to et our views across in a healthy manner.”

“We identified our issue and created a plan that we believe we can execute. We discovered that we had the same dream.”

“The goal was to get tools and to help us communicate or argue better and more effectively. We will definitely use this in our life.”

“I thought the workshop and the presenters did a great job! I especially benefitted from the structured method of working through conflicts. The exercises made if feel safe and contained.”

“Working through past conflicts using the tools was enormously helpful in seeing my spouse’s perspective and seeing him as more of an ally and less of an adversary.”

“Having the time to talk to my partner and evaluate our relationship and strive to make goals to make our relationship better. Learning the importance of making moments to turn towards each other.”

“I feel like I need to renew my efforts in making my relationship the most important thing again.”

“We laughed and had a great experience together.”

“Excellent Presenters! Created a warm atmosphere. Loved the videos!

“Finding many methods are already in use in our relationship.”

“Finding many methods are already in use in our relationship.”

“We were validated on the good things we’re already doing. I felt we are already doing some good things.”

“The exercises gave us more talking opportunities and helped to focus on the good.”

“Finding the friendship was much needed for our relationship…giving hope again.”

“The exercises helped us both participate, where if left to our own devices at home, that may not happen.”

“The workshop gave us different perspectives and tools to improve the relationship.”

“The exercises helped make for a very safe, positive conversation.”

“Putting relationship suggestions in a concise and usable format. The workshop has a relaxed and low-key feeling that I like.”

“The instructors were sincere, knowledgeable and humble – excellent presentation skills.”

“We had been in a really bad place for a long time, the progress we made this last weekend meant everything.”

“Just to acknowledge how to face our differences is a great deal to me.”

“A lot of useful tools and techniques that we can take away with us and apply to future conflicts.”

“It gave me points to work on, especially to forgive you partner for past problems and start fresh! Presentation of material was well structured and professional.”

“Both presenters were knowledgeable and great.”

“Working on an actual perpetual conflict was a highlight and hard. Great having practical tolls to process I like that the material is accessible and practical – the exercises are very helpful! I realize this is short, but I would have liked more exercises.”

“I really appreciated the simple suggestions for building our friendship. I was/am so grateful for the opportunity to work though gridlock with support.”

“Learning and sharing with my wife, with time, I can see these steps becoming easier.”

“We’re so busy at home that it was surprisingly difficult at first to be so open with my husband. It was awkward initially but it didn’t take long at all to get past it. Discovering the layers of seemingly ‘simple’ issues was the highlight of day 2 for me.”

“Awesome discoveries about myself and my wife to deeper levels that were unexpected and positive. Once we learned hands on the skills, some specific resolutions surfaced. We became more understanding and recognizing of our situation.”

“One of the best things I got out of day 2, was working towards overcoming gridlock issues, because I personally am terrible about bringing these things up. I feel it helped show us the doorway to keep communication open and bring us closer to healing the gap between us. Working on ourselves for the benefit of our partners brought us closer together.”

“The friendship building exercises were very helpful in helping to begin conversations. Some of these topics have not been a part of our relationship and the cards/exercises were helpful teaching tools.”

“Even though difficult conversations happened, we still liked each other at the end. The skills and tools helped us talk about hard things effectively while preserving honor and respect for each other.”

“With Gottman techniques I have seen conflicts which would have taken forever to resolve or feel as if my marriage was doomed become mole hills or smaller, where before they were mountains or even mountain ranges. Thank you!”

“The friendship building exercises were the highlight for me. Even though I have been married for 8 years, it’s still fun for me to get to know my spouse.” “The exercises were fun and lighthearted. The appreciation exercise was really touching and helped me become more aware of how powerful of a tool it can be.”

“Fun, reconnecting, laughing together I loved learning new ways to think of things…thought patterns. I had a revealing understanding of why I was so bothered by lateness I had never considered before. I understood myself! Most of all, while I love my husband I felt I was and wanted to connect with him in a way I hadn’t in far too long for a variety of reasons.”

“The tools and skills, if followed, allow for conversation to flow rather than getting stuck on our own points. Nothing is ever accomplished by being stuck or gridlocked.”

“The highlight for me was that at one point, my wife made a bid to me (physical touch) and I responded. It was great to have a known process for each of us feeling understood and seeking understanding to process conflicts. This is a process we can revisit many times in our future (conflict resolution). Wish I’d done this sooner!”

“So much information presented in such a well structured and helpful manner. Thank you for a powerful 2 days. Life changing for us both! Thank you for your knowledge of the skills and principles. I felt that these two days were very helpful and we are leaving feeling confident in our relationship and future.”

“Presenters both seemed to understand Gottman theory as well as practice it in their individual lives and relationships. Thank you!”

“I realized how great it is to do the hard work to really build our love map. Getting to the deeper layers of conflict management was difficult, as I had to put myself out there. But there’s no one else I’d rather do it with than my spouse!”

“I think the greatest success was helping me learn how to truly connect with my wonderful husband. We don’t have big issues in our relationship, but we also don’t take the time to really take care of and nurture ourselves. So thank you!!”

“The highlights for me were discovering the 4 Horsemen and the emphasis on learning to turn towards one another.”

“We arrived in a tough place together and through the day, were able to re-gain a sense of friendship and closeness.”

“The 3 Chili pepper cards made us want to heighten additional feelings and really close the gap in our friendship.”

“It felt empowering, like ‘yes! we can do this!’”

“Very helpful realizations about what we do right and what we share.”

“A ton of great information and tools to use for the future!!”

“Gave me the confidence that we can get to the root of problems and conflicts.”

“We have a common reference now and a common language.”

“Caralee – excellent and natural presenter.”

“Super important for us to finally address something we’ve avoided and been stuck on for a long time.”

“Rebuilding our friendship is the right step towards resolving a lot of our issues.”

“I loved having the whole day with my spouse to talk about us. We don’t get that chance at home. I loved being guided through all the different conversations.”