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Why are some relationships successful? Why do some fail?​

Learn the universal truths about relationships and romance.

Discover the groundbreaking research that has put thousands of couples worldwide firmly on the path toward lasting happiness — even through situations that test every relationship.​

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Couples Workshops

Refresh and restore your love with this 2-day weekend retreat. Events in Colorado & Hawaii.


Created by The Gottman Institute

Professional Training

Empower your practice. Earn CEs. Register for a Level training course and get $200 credit.

Created by The Gottman Institute

Parenting Workshops

Improve your child's emotional IQ, a key quality for getting ahead in life.


Created by The Gottman Institute

Private Therapy

Individual and Couples Therapy

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Specialities Include

The Gottman Method

Trauma Counseling

Intimate Solutions & Sexual Addiction Counseling

Couples On The Brink Counseling

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Strengthening Couples, Families and Communities


Caralee Frederic​

Therapist, LCSW


Amanda Linan

Therapist, LCSW


Richard Archer

Therapist, LCSW

Mimi Chough

Therapist, MFT-C

Kara Facundo

LPC-C Intern

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