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Why are some relationships successful?
Why do some fail?

Learn the universal truths about relationships and romance.
Discover the groundbreaking research that has put thousands of couples worldwide firmly on the path toward lasting happiness — even through situations that test every relationship.
Couples Workshops
Professional Training
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Couples Workshops

Private Counseling

Professional Training



Created by The Gottman Institute

Couples Workshops

Refresh and restore your love with this 2-day weekend retreat. Events in Colorado & Minnesota.
Seating Is Limited
Based on Research by Douglas Weiss, Ph.D. and Kevin Skinner, Ph.D

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group

Join us for our 8-week, 90-minute sessions and be guided by our certified Betrayal Trauma therapist.
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Created by The Gottman Institute

Professional Training

Empower your practice. Earn CEs. Register for a Level training course and get $200 credit.
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Created by The Gottman Institute

Emotion Coaching Boot Camp

Join us for a one-day boot camp using the highly effective, research-based model on parenting from The Gottman Institute.

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Private Therapy

We are taking new patients. We do not accept health insurance.
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Couples Counseling

We are experienced in helping couples have successful conversations about sensitive and underlying issues.

Individual Counseling
Individual therapy allows for a partner to progress towards better personal mental health. The relationship benefits from evidence-based counseling.
Virtual Counseling
Researchers have found that even more than IQ, your emotional awareness and ability to handle feelings will determine your overall well-being and success.

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Strengthening Couples, Families and Communities


Learn the universal truths about relationships and romance.
The Gottman Method
Private individual, marriage and couplescounseling sessions are based on therapy methods and concepts from The Gottman Institute…
Trauma Counseling
Get help coping with events such as major disasters, war, childhood physical and sexual trauma, rape, and violent crime. Understand the…
Intimate Solutions & Sexual Addiction Counseling
Heal and recover from unhealthy intimacy, intimacy anorexia, sexual abuse and sexual addictions. Counseling available for both partners…
Couples On The Brink Counseling
Uncertain about whether to remain together ordivorce? The goals of these sessions are to help partners gain clarity and a safe place to land… choice.

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