Couple's Intensive Therapy

Go Deeper With Our Marathon Sessions


Embark on a transformative journey for your relationship in just 2-3 days with our efficient intensive format.
Find results of focused therapy over days, rather than weeks or months.

Feeling like you have no time to work on your relationship?
Are you ready for quicker results from therapy?
Is your busy schedule derailing your relationship?

Our Couple’s Intensive Therapy is Your Solution

Engage in a 2- to 3-day intensive session, also known as marathon counseling. 

Couple’s Intensive Therapy can be as effective as six months of weekly therapy.

Now is the time to invest in the future of your relationship and family.


What makes intensive therapy different from traditional therapy?

Instead of a short weekly or bi-weekly appointments, Couple's Intensives Therapy …

How will you benefit from a Couple’s Intensive Therapy?

Revive. Connect. Flourish.

What to expect from your Couple’s Intensive Experience


Pricing for Couple's Intensive Therapy

2-Day Intensive:
3-Day Intensive:

Focused and Results Driven:

The Science Behind the Couple's Intensive Therapy

The Couple’s Intensive Therapy sessions are results-oriented and framed around your relationship’s specific needs. By starting with a holistic assessment, our clinicians can better apply interventions. Our goals are to provide in-depth results that last well beyond the 2- to 3-day intensive session. 

The data-driven Gottman Method is at the heart of what we do. This approach to couples therapy has been proven to help hundreds of thousands of couples worldwide develop stronger, happier families. We help you identify and understand patterns of behaviors in successful relationships, and gain the skills needed to apply those behaviors in your relationship. Our approach is the culmination of more than 40 years of research by The Gottman Institute.

Additionally, our therapists are trained in other evidence-focused approaches and have specialities including betrayal, sex therapy, sexual compulsion, intimacy anorexia, and trauma. You will be matched with the therapist that best fits your needs.

The unique format of the marathon therapy allows for a more efficient timeline to results than traditional therapy. In just two or three days, you can reconnect in a whole new way with the one who means the most to you.

One of the core assumptions of Couple’s Intensive Therapy comes from research showing that when couples experience the same number of hours of therapy, but grouped most of them at the beginning of therapy, and then faded out at the end, there was a much larger positive effect from the experience, and significantly less relapse eight months later than standard weekly therapy. 

Two 90-minute follow-up sessions, spread out over the next couple of months, are built into the Intensive experience. Couples will also be able to schedule additional follow-up sessions as needed with their therapist.

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