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Healing & Recovery


Intimate Solutions

Intimate Solutions is a broad term we use to describe our work of helping couples work toward and ultimately achieve “Oneness.” Methods and therapies for Intimate Solutions are integrated into the counseling and therapy we provide for individuals and couples who are undergoing Couples Sexual Recovery, Compulsion Recovery, Partner Recovery, as well as Couples Therapy & Counseling.

Partner Recovery

Why Recovery Is Needed

Many partners ask:
“I’m not the one who betrayed and broke our covenant. I’m not the one who screwed up and broke promises. Why should I have to be in recovery?”

Why? Because YOU are worth it! You are worth recovering. Much of who you are, were, and all that you hoped and dreamed for may feel lost, damaged or destroyed. All of this is worth
recovering and restoring.

Reclaim Your Self Worth

Allow a place in your heart for this idea to be planted. God made you an amazing person with vast potential and you may not feel that way lately. It’s time to reclaim that sense of worth that belongs to you.
As the partner of a person with a sexual compulsion or Intimacy Anorexia, to feel imposed upon by the recovery process is understandable and something you will need to work through in order to heal. Whether you are just now discovering the problem or you’ve been aware of it for years or decades – with or without a name for it – you are likely to be experiencing a whole host of feelings, including sorrow, anger, despair, pride, fear, abandoned, isolated.

New Clients

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Consider a Couples Workshop

For people considering private counseling or undergoing counseling, we recommend attending The Art and Science of Love, a couples workshop created by world-renown The Gottman Institute.

Why The Workshop?

Introduces both partners to concepts and terms that will be used in private sessions.
Helps maintain and continue the progress made in counseling.
Assists in healing and recovery for partners in private therapy.
Is less expensive than couples therapy.
Requires less time commitment than couples therapy.