Couples & Individual
Private Therapy

Confidential, Comfortable Private Setting

Let’s face it: the idea of going to couple’s therapy is a little scary. People have all kinds of preconceived ideas of what they will experience.
But the alternative can be even worse!
Seeking professional help can be a difficult step. Congratulations for having the courage to do the hard things for the sake of your relationship.

Couples Therapy

We are experienced in helping
couples work through sensitive
and underlying issues
We use evidence-based therapy to address
issues such as stress, trauma, betrayal and
Rediscover the strengths of your relationship —
and make it stronger than ever.
Yes, things can get better.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy allows for a partner
to progress towards
better personal mental health.
The relationship benefits
from this progress and growth.
These private sessions are also helpful to
explore past traumas from your
individual life history.

Discernment Counseling

Are you unsure if divorce is the answer?

Couples On The Brink Counseling is a
unique service offered by Principle
Skills Relationship Center.
Principle Skills is the first therapy practice in
Colorado Springs to be certified in Discernment
Counseling, to guide you through this
challenging decision process.

Trusted & Affordable

Our reputation keeps our practice full, based on the robustness of the Gottman Method research and word of mouth referrals for excellent couple care. We offer a range of price points to increase accessibility.


The approach relies on research of the happiest couples to determine the best course of action for your relationship. This one of the most used couples counseling approaches worldwide.

Heal from the emotional and mental health consequences of trauma.
An integrated approach — combining concepts from a variety of therapy methods — to help individuals, their partners and couples recover from sex compulsion.
If you, or partner, or both are contemplating divorce, this specialized session will help you discern the best decision for your family.

New Clients

We are now accepting new clients for PRIVATE THERAPY SERVICES. Call or fill out the form on the CONTACT PAGE.

Consider A Couples Workshop

For people considering private counseling or undergoing counseling, we recommend attending The Art and Science of Love, a couples workshop created by world-renown The Gottman Institute. Why?