Expired Recovery After Betrayal Weekly Group | In-person or Online

Expired Recovery After Betrayal Weekly Group | In-person or Online

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Group Details

Psychoeducational Weekly Group Sessions
Online or In-person
For men and women recovering from partner betrayal
Cost per Person



“Course content is appropriate, challenging, and encouraging. Very valuable and well worth the time. Thank you for such an important service.”
“Kara is an excellent therapist. She has helped me navigate the complexities of Betrayal Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.”
“Kara's approach has given me the tools I need to survive and thrive on my journey to recovery and to live my best life! Thank you, Kara!”
“The Course is spot on.”

100% of participants surveyed indicated they would recommend the Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group event.

Why Attend a Betrayal Trauma Group Therapy?

Gain Confidence & Hope
Gain skills to cope with changes and increase your self-confidence. A new life awaits you.
Life Purpose & Meaning
Resolve underlying issues, set goals, stay focused and take hold of your life.
Identify Strengths
Explore your potential, identify your strengths and get ready for a beautiful life.
Kara Facundo, LPC
Your Presenter

Kara Facundo, LPC


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Venue:   Principle Relationship Center or Online