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The field of couple therapy has desperately needed a theory, one with strong empirical bases. Here it is.

Help couples recover from trauma, betrayal, and other issues.

Why the Gottman Method?

Wondering if clinical training in the Gottman Method Couples Therapy is worth the time and money?

Choosing a specialty is one of the most important decisions of your counseling career.
It will determine whether you have the skills to make a difference and grow your business.

With so many therapeutic approaches to choose from, how do you know which training to pursue?

The smartest decision you can make is to choose The Gottman Method.

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Gottman Clinical Therapy

Eternal Principles

One primary reason I was drawn to The Gottman Method is that it is research-backed. It does not rely on anecdotal stories, trending theories or personal opinions.

Therapeutic approaches not supported by data can do more harm than good.

I find that approaches based on research have universal truths. These truths can be applied and utilized in most counseling settings.
Certified Gottman Therapist

Assessments, Tools, Resources

After graduating with my master’s degree, I found I needed real-world training. My first certification was The Gottman Method.

It was the best decision I made.

The Gottman Method gave me the resources, tools and confidence to help couples break through the wall (that so often occurs in therapy). Couples were able to find hope, motivation and light.

I have a month-long waiting list and am constantly looking for clinicians with Gottman Method training. Demand exceeds supply.

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Help For Those
With Co-Morbidities

It provides a roadmap for healing for couples & their families.

Be the therapist who can treat couples and individuals we see most often in our practices: Those struggling with trauma, such as affairs. and addictions.

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Choosing a Therapy Speciality

“Enjoyed hearing how Carlaee applied The Gottman concepts to her couples work. Feeling like I can do this.”

2 Case Studies for Couples Therapy

Achieve More Breakthroughs

Caralee summarizes how the Gottman Method successfully helped 2 struggling relationships.
Gottman Method

Learn from Experience

Get Caralee’s honest firsthand experience of why the Gottman Method works and how it has grown her business.


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High Demand for Gottman Couples Therapy

Caralee Frederic, a 5-star Certified Gottman Therapist, founded her private practice in 2009. After earning her Gottman certification, demand for her expertise grew and she quickly found herself with a months-long waiting list. Through word-of-mouth advertising, she became a leading couples therapist in Colorado.