Recovery After Betrayal

Join us for our Recovery After Betrayal events and be guided by our certified Betrayal Recovery therapist.

We help men and women understand and heal from the emotional and physical stress of their loved one’s emotional or physical infidelity or unwanted pornogrphy use.
Healing, Recovering And Moving Forward

Are You Struggling To Process Your Partner’s Infidelity?

Navigating the impact of sexual betrayal is difficult. Don’t do it alone.

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How Can You Benefit from our Group Sessions?

What are the Advantages of Meeting in Groups?

Feeling "Stuck"?

Betrayal Trauma Group Therapy has been developed with significant research by Dr. Douglas Weiss and Dr. Kevin Skinner. Both experts are respected authorities on sexually compulsive
behavior, infidelity, and trauma from sexual betrayal. Their methods have helped thousands of women and men on their path to healing.

"You are stronger than you realize! Restore peace and control to your life. As a certified Betrayal Trauma Recovery therapist, I’m passionate about helping you gain a clear understanding of how you are being impacted by your loved one’s infidelity, pornography use, or other sexual acting out behaviors. 

"You do not need to stay stuck in the aftermath of your partner’s choices. Let me assist you in developing strategies you can implement to begin the healing process now."

Kara Facundo

LPC, certified Betrayal Recovery therapist

Group Size:

4-8 People

Recovery After Betrayal

Psychoeducational Weekly Group Sessions

8-Week Sessions | Every Wednesdays | 6-7 pm MST

April 3 – May 22, 2024

In-person and Online

These events are for men and women who are recovering from a partner betrayal.

Recovery After Betrayal

Psychoeducational 1-Day Seminar Sessions

Saturday | 9 am – 4 pm

April 20, 2024

Oct 12, 2024

In-person and Online

You may attend this event as an individual or with your partner.

Betrayal Trauma Processing Group

Therapy Group Sessions

8-Week Sessions | Every other Tuesdays | 12:30-1:30 pm

Jan 23-April 30

May 14-Aug 20

Sept 3—Dec 10

In-person and Online

For Colorado residents only

These events are for men and women who are recovering from a partner betrayal.

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