Gottman Method Couples Therapy

Professional Development Reviews

“Excellent location.”  

“Excellent presenter.”

“Eye-opening, makes sense, very thorough.  Looking forward to learning further especially completing online training and working with couples in addiction recovery as I work in a treatment program”

“Caralee is very approachable and engaging.”

“Great presenter, very applicable.  Can’t wait for level 2 and 3!” “Great expertise and helpful examples.”

“Lots of information!”

“Very informative.  I have a better understanding of the sound relationship house, 4 horsemen, and the different interventions.”

“This training was fabulous!”

“Caralee is an excellent presenter!”

“This was a great training, I learned so much and am excited to start using the Gottman Method.  Thanks Caralee!”
“Caralee was great!”

“Great job!  Please come back for Level III training!!”

“Caralee is very attentive and approachable! Wonderful, thank you Caralee!”

“I appreciated Caralee becoming vulnerable which helped me to be more connected and present in the training, which in the end helped me understand the material on a deeper level.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed Caralee’s presentation and so glad I made the commitment to come from Australia to the USA for training.  I look forward to level III.”

“Loved the program!  Simply Awesome!  Caralee is smart, articulate and makes the beautiful information and practices fun. Will definitely be doing Level II.”

“Caralee is informative, attentive to the audience, and knowledgeable.”

“I especially appreciated the segment on addictions and co-morbidity.  Interesting research/data and paradigm shift on tradition substance use.  Thanks.”

“Very well prepared and presented.”

“I loved this training.  I learned many skills to enhance my practice.  Caralee does a great job.”

“Great presentations!  Great examples of what works with present clients. “


“I really enjoyed this training and learned so much!”

“Very Knowledgeable!

“I loved Caralee!  She is a professional and articulate presenter. The content was deep and rich, as well as  presented in a safe and educational environment. I would come again and look for which sessions Caralee would be leading!”