Is a Couple’s Intensive Right for Us?

By Kara Facundo
Can I be real with you? Do you have issues that won’t stop bothering you? Maybe you want to finally get to the bottom of it once and for all and don’t want to wait through the lengthier process of weekly couple’s work. You want relief now! If so, a Couple’s Intensive Session could be right for you. While it would be natural to want relief faster, not all couple’s situations or personalities are appropriate for the condensed format of intensive 2 to 3-day sessions. So find out if it’s good for you.
Before starting an intensive session, we conduct a thorough assessment, evaluating your mental, relational, and emotional endurance by having you complete John and Julie Gottman’s powerful, research-based couples relationship checkup. This is an excellent tool to gather data that informs your treatment needs.
Next, we’ll meet with you and your partner both together (75 minutes), and individually (45 minutes each), giving you the opportunity to be heard in identifying your concerns.
Then, we’ll meet together to address the results of the assessment, review the findings (60 minutes), and present a strategic and intentional treatment plan. Finally, a 2 or 3-day intensive will be recommended or not, based on careful consideration of your personal needs. If an Intensive is not right for you at this time, we will discuss alternatives, including traditional weekly or bi-weekly couples therapy, individual therapy, or other needed addendums to reach your goals. Either way, we will find a session solution that is right for you and your relationship. Reach out today for weekday or weekend availability.