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Trauma is a Landmine

By Amanda Linan LCSW, CST When working with couples, I often find myself trying to explain the importance of doing some sort of trauma work when there is trauma present for one or both individuals. Trauma is like a landmine. Imagine this: You buy a

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The Unseen Wounds of Betrayal Trauma

By Kara Facundo LPC These days, the word “trauma” has become commonplace, often describing any number of minor discomforts. As a result, the notion of being traumatized by a partner’s betrayal might seem like an exaggeration, minimizing the validity of this life altering reality for

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Betrayal Trauma: Why Can’t I Get Over This?

By Rob Jensen FNP-C Have you ever heard of Pavlov’s Dogs? Ivan Pavlov was a Russian practicing in the late 1800’s. He conducted an experiment where he taught dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell. That experiment led to an expansive understanding of

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