5 Ways to Treat YOURSELF on Valentine’s Day

Everyone has a Valentine’s Day story worth telling — maybe yours is the most romantic or the most embarrassing (more than likely you have one of each). However, if this year you find yourself flying solo, you may feel like staying in bed on February 14th — or even the whole month — to avoid the bombardment of reminders that you are single and being single is bad. It’s time to change that narrative for the better. Even though Valentine’s Day would have us believe that being single somehow means being lesser, keep in mind that being single means being powerful. Here are five budget-friendly ways to celebrate being single, being you and being amazing on Valentine’s Day.

1. Celebrate Galentine’s Day (or Guy’s Day)

What is more fun than a group of women gathering together to celebrate how amazing they are? Started by Leslie Knope, the powerful female lead on NBC’s hit show Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day is a time for eating waffles while empowering and supporting your favorite female superheroes — your friends! Keep it simple and inexpensive by inviting your friends over potluck style and make handmade gifts for each other. Guys can also celebrate their friendship, too. Life is short. Spend your time with people who enrich your life.

2. Treat Yourself

Why are Valentine’s gifts reserved for lovers? Show yourself how much you care by treating yourself to something special you’ve had your eye on. Maybe it’s that jacket you’ve tried on a dozen times or an iPad you’ve had on your wishlist for years. You can cut the cost of these gifts by looking for online deals at stores like Target. Rakuten lists 17 tips for saving at Target, including using coupons, shopping for clearance goods, and taking advantage of exclusive offers when you sign up for a Target credit card.

3. Spa Day

Take the day to rejuvenate your mind and body with a trip to the spa. You can grab a massage, facial, or manicure at a larger spa and the use of various amenities, like saunas, hot tubs, steam rooms, and more, when you purchase one service. You can often find deep discounts on these services looking at beauty schools or searching on websites like SpaFinder.

4. Date Yourself

When was the last time you didn’t have to compromise about where to eat or which movie to watch? This Valentine’s Day, give yourself the gift of enjoying your own company. Go rent a movie that you otherwise might have to bribe your friends to see or grab a bite at a restaurant that might be too pricey to go with a companion. Stroll through an art museum without feeling apologetic for liking a painting that no one else does. Or, read a book in the park without having to explain the entire plot to someone else. Remind yourself how awesome you are by embracing the quiet joy of much-needed spending quality time by yourself.

5. Be You

Transform your ordinary bathroom into a relaxing, luxurious retreat with bubble bath, bath bombs, soothing music, face masks, scented candles, and cucumber slices over the eyes. Think that sounds too extravagant? You’d be surprised how many of these products you already have — in your kitchen. For example, coconut oil can be an effective deep conditioning treatment and a baking soda mask gently removes gunk and buildup from pores.
Block off time for a kick-butt workout. Put on some jams and push yourself. Focusing on your physical self has a positive effect on your mind, attitude and mood. Splurge on that piece of gym equipment you’ve been eyeing. Boxing great Gene Tunney said, “Exercise should be regarded as a tribute to the heart.” So true. There’s nothing wrong with Valentine’s Day. It’s not the enemy of the single woman or man, but the idea that you need to be in a relationship in order to be happy definitely is. Embrace the wonderfulness that is you by taking back Valentine’s Day. Whether you spend it with friends, at the spa, or by picking out a gift you’ve wanted, you can choose self-love this Valentine’s Day.