Stop Going through the Drive-Through? Cook Your Own Food!

By Kara Facundo
Are you like many couples who spend hours in the therapist’s office learning the mechanics of new skills only to realize they can’t recreate it when they get home? It’s like going to the drive-through every night and expecting that you’ll know how to cook from just having seen it made. Someone else buys the food, prepares it, cooks it and sends it out the window to you. You can’t just drive by if you really want to learn how to cook. But what happens when the drive-through is closed? Is anyone else getting hungry?

Let's consider a healthier way.

Enter Couples Intensive Therapy sessions. They’re like an advanced cooking class where you have time to learn about where the ingredients were sourced, how the flavors work together, and to follow the recipe for a delicious meal at home. You really learn skills you can recreate, and will probably be a better cook! Maybe even a gourmet chef if you really spend some consistent time learning.
Now, if you’re going through the drive-through because you’re limited on time, then fine, let’s adjust. Condensed 2 or 3-day therapy sessions are most attractive for busy professionals, those with inconsistent schedules who wish to dig deeper than weekly therapy allows, or those who just get plain worn out by the ongoing, slower process of regular couples therapy. Let’s get your relationship cooking! Call today for weekday or weekend availability.