What Happens in Group Stays in Group…Kinda.

By Kara Facundo

You may be wondering if group sessions are worth it? Won’t it be awkward to talk about my personal stuff in front of other people? It makes sense that you would be nervous. Let me offer some reassurance and info about what group looks like, so you can decide if it feels right for you. 

Your Confidential Information Stays.

First, everyone signs a confidentiality agreement. You are welcome to tell your own story outside of group, but not anyone else’s. You don’t owe your story to anyone. You get to choose if and what you want to share. What happens in group stays in group. 

Your Healing Does Not.

Next, there are times and places for casual chatting. And this isn’t one of those places. You will be learning, strategizing, empowering your ability to cope with really hard life circumstances and choices to be made moving forward. We’ll come to learn these strategies together in a private space, but I can’t promise that others won’t notice the change within you on your walk out the door… 

Because healing won’t stay in group.

Here’s the breakdown of things you will be learning in the 8 week course.

Week 1:

What is betrayal trauma? We’ll identify the emotional impact betrayal has had on your sense of self and how you relate to the world around you. 

Week 2: 

Information is power. We’ll learn and normalize the science behind why and how human bodies respond to trauma. Your symptoms are not a result of fault within you, but rather the result of post-traumatic stress.

Week 3:

We will recognize common pitfalls to recovery. You’ll learn strategies of empowerment through recognizing choice in how you respond to your trauma points. 

Week 4:

Life looks different now. You’ll learn how to trust yourself again by distinguishing your own voice from those around you. 

Week 5:

I’ll help you identify your purpose for healing. Having a “why” is so important for motivation when hard days or weeks hit.

Week 6:

You will consider how previous life experiences may impact how you are responding to challenges today. Where did you learn that response and is it serving you well now?

Week 7:

We’ll explore how you can be effective in managing stress and emotional responses so your needs can be addressed. We’ll learn about the importance of nutrition and self care.

Week 8:

We’ll learn strategies of finding and recognizing joy in rebuilding the life you hope for.  

Find Healing and Peace.

Though it’s scary to talk about trauma and difficulty in a new place, with a group of new faces, you can trust that what you want to stay in group will stay in group. And, knowledge, growth, and skills, the things that you want to take from group, will come with you as you find healing and peace.