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Colorado couples retreat

The Topic that Shall Not be Named

By Kara Facundo LPC Are there things in your relationship that you just don’t talk about, like a certain Harry Potter character who shall not be named? It’s too threatening, too antagonistic, too scary to be mentioned. Maybe even the slightest hint of that topic

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Couples intensive Therapy
Colorado couples workshop

Quickly Get Out of the Storm with a Couples Intensive

By Kara Facundo LPC Wouldn’t it be helpful if relationships had something in place like an emergency broadcasting system? Something that sent out a loud siren alerting us to surrounding danger? You and your partner could immediately stop what you were doing and focus on

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couples therapy

Couple’s Intensive Therapy Explained

By Kara Facundo LPC Have you ever been working with a couples therapist, and built up your courage to bring something up to your partner, only to run out of time before coming to any type of resolution? This can be frustrating and disheartening for

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