The Perfect Valentine’s Gift

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By Caralee Frederic, LCSW | Certified Gottman Therapist | Couples Workshop Presenter

Surprise. Intrigue. Delight. Admiration. Romance. Perhaps even anger. Your partner may express a range of these emotions – at a very intense level – when you present him or her with this gift: A weekend getaway to attend “The Art & Science of Love,” a weekend workshop created by the world renown Gottman Institute.

That may be the last gift you’d expect to give or receive. The usual gift would be flowers, balloons, giant stuffed animal, dinner at a restaurant, a new dress, jewelry, a new gadget. While these gifts are fun and exciting, the joy of the gift is fleeting.

The most meaningful and longest-lasting present to give your marriage is to invite your partner or accept your partner’s invitation to attend “The Art of and Science of Love.” The workshop was developed after Gottman researchers studied more than 3,000 couples, and utilizes insights gained from those studies to help strengthen couples’ relationships.

Attending “The Art & Science of Love” would truly be a gift of love that lasts a lifetime. Think about it. Isn’t it the perfect gift?

I highly recommend my couples weekend workshop: The Art and Science of Love, created by the Gottman Institute. Information and exercises are presented in an organized, cohesive manner. It’s a wonderful investment in your love life, and will truly strengthen your relationship!

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Caralee Frederic, LCSW, has practiced as a private couples and individual therapist in Colorado, specializing in marriage and family counseling, for almost 20 years. Founder of Principle Skills Relationship Center, Caralee is also a Certified Gottman Therapist, presenter of ‘The Art and Science of Love‘ couples workshop, and a Certified Sexual Addiction Recovery Therapist.

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