Couple’s Intensive Therapy Explained

By Kara Facundo
Have you ever been working with a couples therapist, and built up your courage to bring something up to your partner, only to run out of time before coming to any type of resolution? This can be frustrating and disheartening for those who are looking for more immediate results toward change in their relationship.

Introducing Intensives

Intensives are…well…intense. Extended 2-3 day sessions of up to six hours each offer a greater likelihood for resolution within a shorter timeframe than weekly or bi-weekly appointments. In fact, a two-day intensive can be as effective as six months of weekly therapy. Each day is typically 9 am-4 pm with an hour for lunch. Partners are encouraged to take additional small breaks during the day to breathe, stretch, and engage in self-care.

The Benefits of Couples Intensives

This format is efficient, addressing relationship issues over days instead of weeks or months. Condensed therapy sessions are attractive for busy professionals, those with inconsistent schedules, couples who wish to dig deeper than weekly therapy allows or are worn out by weekly therapy with small increments of progress.

What's Included in Couples Intensives?

The Structure of 2-3 Days of Intensive Therapy

Intensives focus on comprehensive assessment, intentional and strategic treatment planning and intervention, all within a concentrated timeframe.

If you are looking for concentrated help and want resolution now, a couples intensive may be right for you. Reach out for further questions or consultation.