The Topic that Shall Not be Named

By Kara Facundo

Are there things in your relationship that you just don’t talk about, like a certain Harry Potter character who shall not be named? It’s too threatening, too antagonistic, too scary to be mentioned. Maybe even the slightest hint of that topic causes anxiety and stress that leaves you wanting to run away and hide under your cloak of invisibility. 

Listen, I’m no Harry Potter expert, but from what I gather, he spent a lot of time and energy trying to eliminate evils that he ultimately had power and control over once he recognized them. He wasn’t afraid of that which “should not be named.”

If you and your partner have some unnamed topics in your relationship that are scary to talk about, it might be time to consider a Couples Intensive. Extended 2 or 3-day sessions of up to six hours each, offer a greater likelihood for resolution within a shorter timeframe than weekly or bi-weekly appointments. Why spend all that time running around through the Forbidden Forest? It’s cold out there!

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