Beyond the Noise: Why Relying on Science and Expertise is Key When It Comes to Your Marriage

By Caralee Frederic
Now, more than ever before, information is abundant and easily accessible.  There’s an expert or a coach for everything–for your trauma, your career, for your friendships, for your marriage. They each come with their own instructions, assurances, recommendations. It’s a tumult of ideas and opinions, fact and fiction. How are we to know what is right?

Look to the Science.

This is where relying on science and expertise becomes crucial. With a deluge of opinions and viewpoints, it’s important to look beyond the noise and turn to trusted sources grounded in evidence and knowledge. Your marriage is of greatest consequence. You need more than opinions or advice, you need evidence-based principles to guide you, resolutions proven to work. And the more severe the problem, the more you need reliable solutions. 

I’ve recently noticed many ads on Facebook detailing how “marriage therapy doesn’t work” and reasons to buy into a coaching program or faith-based program instead. If you’ve had a negative experience with marriage therapy or never even tried it, these ads may seem attractive. Coaching sounds so much better than therapy, right? And yes, there are many therapists who “provide marriage therapy” without specialized training in working with couples. However, with your most important relationships, can you really afford to listen to charismatic, “shiny”, momentary, anecdotal programs? I don’t think so. 

The Gottman Method to Couples Therapy. ​

What if you could choose a marriage therapy program based on rigorous methods and peer-reviewed studies?  Looking for the science behind the method ensures that conclusions are unbiased and reliable over time and situations. What if I were to say there is such a method? There is. t is called The Gottman Method to Couples Therapy. Based on over 40 years of such rigor in studying happy and unhappy couples, with  ongoing research, we now know what happy couples do differently in their relationships, and we know how to pass that information onto the couples we work with.

We know and use the science to help you.

Expertise comes from individuals who have dedicated years of study and practice to their field, gaining a deep understanding that surpasses that of the average person, or even the adept. This is the case at Principle Skills Relationship Center in Colorado Springs, CO, where we specialize in working with couples, especially those in distress from betrayals, infidelity, addictions, or sexual issues. 

We know and use the science and we have the expertise to help you: each of us trained or certified in the Gottman Method, as well as other specialties to help you best, such as Sex Therapy, EMDR, Discernment Counseling, Betrayal Trauma and Sex Addictions.  We have dedicated our professions to helping couples with the hardest problems.  

Our Mission:

To heal painful relationships by providing and integrating the best, evidence based therapies available for couples.

Our Vision:

To increase love, joy and peace in the world by teaching all kinds of people to create healthy, loving, relationships.

Overcome the Noise.

We combine the science with your own worldview, be it faith-based or not. We coach, teach, and guide you from a research-based foundation, not mere charisma.

In a world filled with misinformation and fake news, it’s easy to be misled. Don’t let your marriage be swayed by the noise. By remembering the value of the science available, we can make informed decisions that lead to better outcomes for ourselves, our families, our relationships, and society as a whole. Take a look at our website, Let us support you in making lasting changes to your most valued asset–your relationship! You won’t regret it.