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Emotion Coaching Style

The 4 Parenting Styles

By Amanda Linan, LCSW What Style Are You? Research indicates that there are four parenting styles into which most people would fall. Parents can be good, loving parents no matter what style they use! The research does show that children who are parented using the

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Sex Therapy

What is Sex Therapy?

Sex Issues I often get asked what sex therapy means. It’s a fair question as it’s sort of vague. In a sense, it is exactly what it sounds like: therapy about sex. Here are the most common topics that fall under the umbrella of sex

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marriage counseling


A word about my biases…Every once in awhile, it comes to my attention that I ought to clarify for clients my biases. Usually, this happens after someone in a couple has indicated that they thought I would be “neutral” or “unbiased” as I worked with

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Gottman couples therapy

Divorce: I Know What It’s Like

Divorce: I Know What It’s Like At times, I learn of the impending trauma of a divorce, due to betrayals, affairs, or addictions, which will devastate a family I know and love personally. People will be shocked. They will not have seen it coming. There

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Continuing Education

Why I Became a Gottman Couples Therapist

Goal to Help Children Led to Specializing in Couples Therapy By Caralee Frederic, LCSW | Certified Gottman Therapist | Couples Workshop Presenter I initially pursued a career in psychology and social work because I wanted to help children who were hurting, but quickly found that

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Continuing Education

My Journey to Becoming a Gottman Couples Therapist

MY JOURNEY TO BECOMING A GOTTMAN COUPLES THERAPIST Helping Children Was My Priority One of my core values is that every child has a right to feel safe and receive loving care from those they depend upon. The thought of a child being hurt, scared

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