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States of Betrayal

By Kara Facundo LPC “I don’t understand how they could do this to me? Did they really love me? Do I even matter?” Being in a state of betrayal can be incredibly challenging and emotionally distressing because it often involves a breach of trust. Someone

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The Unseen Wounds of Betrayal Trauma

By Kara Facundo LPC These days, the word “trauma” has become commonplace, often describing any number of minor discomforts. As a result, the notion of being traumatized by a partner’s betrayal might seem like an exaggeration, minimizing the validity of this life altering reality for

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Betrayal Trauma Recovery Through Full Disclosure

By Kara Facundo LPC Clients who have betrayed their partners through infidelity, emotional affair, pornography use, or other acting out behaviors often question if or how much they should confess to their loved one. Wouldn’t the full truth cause more hurt and prolong healing and

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Betrayal Trauma: Why Can’t I Get Over This?

By Rob Jensen FNP-C Have you ever heard of Pavlov’s Dogs? Ivan Pavlov was a Russian practicing in the late 1800’s. He conducted an experiment where he taught dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell. That experiment led to an expansive understanding of

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A Guide to Navigating Marriage and Romance in Your Golden Years

By Caralee Frederic LCSW Special to Principle Skills By Michelle Peterson If you’re considering getting married later in life, you aren’t alone. Increasingly, people are choosing to tie the knot in their senior years. A late-life marriage brings some benefits. For example, both parties will

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Is It Too Late To Save The Relationship?

By Amanda Linan LCSW, CST By Amanda Linan, Licensed Clinical Social Worker Some couples who seek counseling worry that they may have waited too long. Can their relationship be saved or is it beyond repair?  That’s a tough question to answer for many reasons. Some

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4 Ways To Be Better Together in 2022

By Caralee Frederic LCSW Resolve To Do Better In Your Relationship Twenty-one months. That’s how long we have been living with the COVID-19 pandemic. So much has been lost. As we enter a new year, I’d like to reflect on what we’ve gained. I believe one

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Coronavirus Divorce: Relationship was Badly in Need of Repair

By Caralee Frederic LCSW One Partner ‘Leaning Out’ A new survey released last month shows the Covid-19 pandemic has, as predicted, increased the demand for divorce. About 45% said the main reason for the divorce was the “enforced isolation” with the spouse. Tension in the home,

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How Trauma Affects The Elements Of A Healthy Relationship

By Caralee Frederic, LCSW To understand how trauma affects the way we relate to our loved ones, we must first understand the components of a sound relationship. The Gottman Sound Relationship House Theory The Sound Relationship House is a useful framework for understanding the

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Signs Of Trauma In A Relationship

Trauma & Intimacy Series: Part 1 of 2 By Caralee Frederic, LCSW You may not know it, but even the small traumas may be impacting your relationship. Here’s what you need to know about trauma – both the small and big traumas – and how

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Simone Biles: Putting Mental Health First

By Caralee Frederic LCSW Mental Health The Olympic Games are a display of the best athletes in the world competing while the media and spectators debate who is the “greatest of all time.” Athletes are elevated to heroic status for a moment — until they

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