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Navigating Financial Conversations

By Amanda Linan LCSW, CST As inflation continues to rise and holidays approach, many couples are feeling the stress of finances in their relationship. Money is a difficult topic for many couples in the best of circumstances, so adding additional stressors can make it feel

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Sex After Childbirth

Deep breath. I know this is a sensitive topic. The whole cautionary “nothing in the vagina for six weeks and make sure you use a contraceptive”…

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Sexual Addict Partner Recovery

PARTNERS OF ADDICTS: WHY RECOVERY IS NEEDED Many partners of addicts ask: “I’m not the one who betrayed and broke our covenant. I’m not the one who screwed up and broke promises. Why should I have to be in recovery?” Why? Because YOU are worth

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Sexual Addict Individual Recovery

At times, it is wise for the addict and spouse to participate in individual therapy. This could be to address individually the struggles of the current situation and to explore thoughts and feelings that could be hurtful to share with the partner.In individual therapy, the

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Couples Sexual Recovery Therapy

Each partnership that seeks Couples Sexual Recovery therapy has its own unique place of struggle, pain, heartache and wounded-ness. To honor a couple’s unique situation, I do not provide a “cookie cutter” treatment plan that fits every couple. However, I do base each treatment plan

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Intimate Solutions Therapy

Therapy Intimate Solutions is a broad term I use to describe my work of helping couples work toward and ultimately achieve “Oneness.” My methods and therapies for Intimate Solutions are integrated into the counseling and therapy I provide for individuals and couples who are undergoing Couples

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